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The Best Hotels in Amarillo, Texas and Fun Things to Do

Settled at the center of Texas canyons and other beautiful nature-made landscapes, Amarillo is the kind of city that reminds you of cowboys, old western movies, and spurred boots. Everything you have ever heard about Texas is in Amarillo— from ginormous steak challenges, to long highway roads where Cadillacs and antique automobiles travel.

There are dozens of fun, educational, and often historic, things to do, see, and explore in Amarillo.  See collections of Western artworks in inner city museums, to the prairies, canyon cliffs, and campsites of outskirt parks and nature preserves. There is something new and adventurous to experience for every kind of guest to this big Texas city.


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The Best Hotels in Bluffton, South Carolina and Fun Things to Do

Centered between Hilton Head Island and Interstate 95, Bluffton is small South Carolina city towards the coastline. The original city was a square mile in area, but expansion helped the city build up with more territories and South Carolina natives. However, the Old Town still exists, but more for historic entertainment, as many of the old-fashioned structures are seated at the bluffs of the May River.

Home to just over 12,000 locals, Bluffton is the epitome of a little city, where travelers come for the leisure of nature-made beauty and a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Of course, towards downtown you will find shops, restaurants, and a few museums, but the outskirts of Bluffton are dedicated to natural wonders, like rivers and the skylines towards Hilton Head Island.


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The Best Hotels in Knoxville, Tennessee and Fun Things to Do

Home to rich Southern histories, old-fashioned country music, and scrumptious, often-fried cuisine, Knoxville is a famed Tennessee city to the north of Pigeon Forge. Locals speak with classic Southern twangs, banjos are a common instrument, and there are historic sites galore. This is Knoxville in a nutshell. Of course, the inner city offers more in terms of a modern arts scene, science and arts museums, a beautiful zoo, and big nightlife with pub and nightclub crawls.

Towards the outskirts of Knoxville, you can find Southern homes that served as rest stops and headquarters for Confederate armies during the Civil War. These homes are historic and open to the public for tours. In other words, history buffs would be big fans of all the culture and historic insights that Knoxville has to offer.


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The Best Hotels in San Antonio, Texas and Fun Things to Do

Located in southern central Texas, San Antonio is an old city, rife with Colonial histories.  Remember The Alamo?  Find this historical monument in San Antonio, complete with informative plaques, tours—both professional-led and self-guided, and nature paths.


Alongside the historic reminders of yester-year, San Antonio is home to the romance of classic Flamenco music, the western feel of cowboy legends, and lots of country vibes with open fields, big farmlands, and a booming inner city. Find peace and quiet in nature in the mornings and afternoon. Then head into downtown San Antonio to hop strings of bars and nightclubs that are thriving with nightlife until the wee hours.


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The Best Hotels in Corpus Christi, Texas and Fun Things to Do

Corpus Christi, or simply Corpus to the locals, is a big Texas city, offering hundreds of things to do, experience, and see for locals and travelers alike. Often called the ideal weekend trip, a visit to Corpus Christi is full of culture, nature, history, and fun. Soak up sunshine and splash in the waves of a gorgeous sea during the day, then hit the inner city of bars, clubs, and thriving nightlife until the wee hours.

Or, if your vacation is geared more towards family entertainment, tour a massive aircraft-carrying ship, see thousands of fascinating animals at the local aquarium, and end your day with a good meal at a fun, family-friendly restaurant. The possibilities for entertainment and fun are near endless in Corpus Christi.

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The Best Hotels in Buffalo Grove, IL and Fun Things to Do

Buffalo Grove is a suburban village situated 30 miles to the northwest of Chicago. A part of Lake and Cook counties of Illinois, the city has been home to some great sports men and women, authors, and actors. These include Raymond Benson, one of the eight subsequent authors to continue the literary legacy of Mr. Ian Fleming, i.e., James Bond. Successful movie actor Vince Vaughn of the Wedding Crashers, The Internship, and Hacksaw Ridge grew up right here in Buffalo Grove playing football and baseball. 
Historically, Buffalo Grove was settled by New England pioneers in 1834 who received generous land grants from the government.  In the 1840's Germans immigrated to the area because land was cheap and for many, living accommodations in Germany had become less than desirable. Today, reminders of the German inhabitants still remain, as many of the area parks and streets are named after the first residents of Buffalo Grove.  To learn more about the area, visit Buffalo Grove's lovely Raupp Museum.
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The Best Hotels in Bloomington, IL and Fun Things to Do

The first European settlers arrived in the area that's now Bloomington in the early 1820s and named it Blooming Grove. In 1830, the county of Mclean was incorporated with the capital being modified to Bloomington. Since the site for the new city had not yet been established, James Allen donated acres of land. Soon the town was flourishing, and lots of people would move in to conduct business.
Among them is said to be Abraham Lincoln, long before he thought of running for president. It was at Majors Hall in this town that Lincoln was said to have written the famous ‘Lost Speech.' Today, downtown Bloomington retains much of its 19th-century old buildings— many of which are restored.
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The Best Hotels in Round Rock, Texas and Fun Things to Do

Seated next to Austin, Texas, Round Rock is a small town within a ginormous state. Population-wise, the locals number upwards of 20,000, with many of those being descendants from generations-old, small-town families. So, as you can imagine, there are lots of stories and legends to hear in Round Rock.

The city is named for a literal round rock near Brushy Creek, where settlers would make safe crossings across unpredictable rivers in the 19th century. More southern than midwestern, the Texas city has a long history of pioneers, cattle farmers, and corn fields.

And, while there are a dozen fun things to do and see in the inner city, the most exciting elements of Round Rock are outdoor activities, historic sites, and nature-made sights.


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The Best Hotels in Ontario, CA and Fun Things to Do

Two brothers, George Chaffey Jr. and William Chaffey founded the City of Ontario in 1881. Named for their hometown Ontario, Canada, it was a model colony which thrived because of its nearness to water and a good transport system. Today, the city has a population of more than 163,000. Although it thrived in its early years as an agricultural area, Ontario is now a major commercial center and lies 35 miles east of Los Angeles.
There are many attractions in Ontarioand activities that can be enjoyed in the suburbs without ever having to venture into the metropolitan area of LA.  If you love being outdoors, opt for the Pacific Electric Trail, a well marked trail allowing for walking —with or without dogs, running, or biking.  Part of a larger CA trail system, this 18.5 mile segment is located between the areas of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Fontana.  Throughout the mostly unshaded journey, view neighborhoods and wildlife including squirrels, unique birds and wild rabbits.
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The Best Hotels in Newport, Rhode Island and Fun Things to Do

Known as the perfect summer retreat for wealthy families, singles, retirees, and couples, Newport is a seaside Rhode Island city of historic origins. Events and festivals are a big deal around Newport, as the locals find reason to celebrate everything.

Halloween is met with ghost tours and haunted happenings across the city, Christmas hosts hundreds of thousands or twinkling lights in vibrant colors, and the Fourth of July is all about American pride with flags, fireworks, and barbecues galore.

Newport was once considered an extravagance for travelers of the Gilded Age—those that sought royalty, riches, and abundant luxuries. In the modern age, while there are certainly a bunch of indulgences in Newport, the city is also family-friendly and ideal for all kinds of vacationers and weekend trippers.


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