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Top Five Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting Thailand



Thailand is abundant in extraordinary places to see and fun activities to do.  Known for ornate temples, Instagrammable beaches, dense green jungles and an array of delicious food, you'll find plenty to excite you while exploring this amazing country, formerly known as Siam.


If you plan on visiting Thailand, you should be aware of the few cultural faux-pas which you may commit. While Thais will generally forgive you for these mistakes, you may involuntarily offend your hosts or end up in a police station, or maybe even in jail.

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10 Fun and Unique Things to do in Tokyo

If you're looking for a city packed full of energy and more unique tourist attractions than you can count, Tokyo is the place. The Japanese capital offers a huge range of weird and wonderful things to do, from animal cafes to high-speed sushi. Here are 10 amazing things to do in Tokyo.


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Six Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Traveling alone can be a daunting prospect because it brings a lot of challenges that are often easier to overcome when you're with another person. It's intimidating having to go it alone without the comfort of another human being to help you through the awkward moments that traveling presents.
But where there are challenges, there are opportunities. Here are six reasons you should travel alone at least once.
Solo travel arguably offers the most opportunities for you to enjoy a unique travel experience and grow as a person.
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Visit Boca Raton - Upscale Splendor along Florida's Atlantic Coast


A chic city within the Miami metropolis, Boca Raton is Palm Beach County’s southernmost city. With its Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture, this city is a beautiful place to explore and discover.


Relaxing and indulging, it is one of the wealthiest communities Historic structures, beaches, and parks are its top attractions. For shopping, Town Center Mall is not just an upscale shopping venue but Miami’s largest indoor mall.


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6 Ways to Experience Amsterdam like a Local

Millions of people visit Amsterdam each year, snapping photos of its picturesque canals and crooked houses. But there's more to the Dutch capital than meets the eye, and exploring it like a local can offer a whole new perspective on the city. Follow these six tips if you want to see Amsterdam through the eyes of a native.

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Cebu in the Philippines - a Few Beautiful Gems

Cebu Island has an immediate charm drawing you in from the very first. Its white sands and coconut trees, waterfalls and babbling streams, not to mention its energetic nightlife, retail shopping, and dining all mix together perfectly to create a truly tropical holiday experience.
Tourism in Cebu is booming and draws nearly two-million foreign travelers each year.  Among the favored areas are Cebu City on the eastern side, and from the northern tip of Cebu Island from Malapascua down the coast to Moalboal on the western side.

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Six Reasons to Make London Your Next Vacation Destination

More people visit the British capital each year than any other European city, and for a good reason. From historic pubs to award-winning restaurants, here are six reasons to travel to London.


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The Best Hotels in Fort Worth, Texas and Fun Things to Do

Located in Northern Central Texas, Fort Worth was once an old-fashioned town of cowboys, rawhide, and Wild West trades. That is, until the late 19th century, when trades dwindled and other people decided to build the city up. Since then, Fort Worth has become a modern hub for business and leisure.

Daytime in the city is bustling with to-and-fro businessmen and women, some traveling with companies, others dedicating their time to corporations in Fort Worth. On the outskirts of the city, there are lots of nature trails and foot paths, perfect for joggers, cyclists, sight-seers, nature lovers, and dog walkers.


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Visiting the Everglades soon?  Stay in Florida City!

Florida City is settled in the suburbs of Miami, with South Florida as the backdrop, complete with palm trees, sun-drenched skies, and lots of things to do and see. The area is family-friendly, and has been rebuilt since Hurricane Andrew struck in August of 1992. The architecture, like the local families, is strong and steadfast, lending to the reliable, positive atmosphere within the town.

Coral Castle is an amazing must-see for locals and travelers alike. The gardens feature tons of coral, hand-carved into wondrous artworks by one man over a period of decades that began in 1920.


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What Are the Best Wineries, Distilleries & Breweries in Branson, MO?

The city of Branson may be best known for country music, but there are plenty of other ways to pass the time here. If you are coming to Branson for the first time, you may be surprised at just how cosmopolitan and exciting the region can be. If you are already a Branson fan, you already know that the area boasts far more than the best in live theater and country music.
Chief among the charm of Branson are its many wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Whether you fancy a microbrew beer, a handcrafted whiskey, or an exceptional glass of wine, you can find it all here. No matter what your tastes, indulge them with some adult beverages, all within sight of the neon lights and bustling nightlife that have made Branson so famous.
In some ways, identifying the best wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the Branson area is an academic exercise. Everyone has their tastes and preferences, and which sites you choose to visit will depend on what you are looking for. Here, in no particular order, are our choices for the best wineries, distilleries, and breweries in and around the Branson area.
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