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Explore Branson Missouri: A Jewel in the Heart of America

The town of Branson, Missouri is likened to favorite tourist sites like Las Vegas, Nashville, and even New York City. This sparkling jewel in the heart of middle America has all the fun and excitement of Las Vegas, but in a much more family-friendly format.
Branson features the best the country music world has to offer, with residencies by the finest artists of today, tomorrow and yesterday. And with a vibrant theatre scene, the town compares favorably to the Big Apple, without the rushed attitude and street crime.


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Sevierville, TN Hotels and Amusing Family Attractions!

Perfectly seated in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Sevierville is a crisp, peaceful Tennessee city, where country music reigns and historic sites are crisscrossed with nature-made wonders. If you’ve ever been to these mountains, you know that there are loads of woodland places to explore, like caverns, waterfalls, cliffs, and tree-dotted, lush-green valleys.

The same can be said for the surroundings of Sevierville. You could spend an entire weekend hiking and camping in the wilderness, with the stars as your nightlight and the sun as your guide. Or, stick with the inner city, where the bustling downtown district offers family-owned shops, old-fashioned restaurants, and a few historic sites and attractions.

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The Allegheny Mountains, Railroad Histories, and Hotels in Altoona, PA

Altoona, Pennsylvania sits east of Pittsburgh by 100 miles, with close proximity to the beauty and lushness of the Allegheny Mountains. The town was originally developed in 1849 as a train switch point for The Pennsylvania Railroad. The idea was that other city locomotives would trade their cargo for stronger, superior locomotives in Altoona, making it easier for imports to get over the mountains.

With the railroad came settlers; mostly workers that toiled their days away in the nearby mines or on the railroad itself. The city became a tester and guiding light for businessmen and builders towards 1864, when the wooden railroads between Altoona and Pittsburgh were replaced with steel. Most of those railroads still stand to this day, as their contribution to national transportation is revered throughout the United States.

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Explore the Native American Cultures of Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Tahlequah, Oklahoma is often known as the Cherokee capital of the United States at least for history buffs. This town is rife with Native American cultures, and the oldest building still standing is the Cherokee Supreme Court that was erected in 1844. In 1839, Tahlequah was a dedicated city for the United Keetoowah of Cherokee Indians, including The Cherokee Nation.

 So, it comes as no surprise that most of the residents there today have Cherokee blood in their veins and Native American ancestry in their DNA. For a time through the early 1900s, the Cherokees had legal battles for their lands in Tahlequah, but those lands were rightfully, wholly returned to them in 1970.

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Visiting Bristol VA or TN?  Take your pick of Bristol hotels!

Bristol, Virginia is the epitome of a small Southern city, with a population that barely reaches 18,000. However, the locals love it that way, as most everyone knows everyone else. It’s the definition of what a little town should be, complete with tall tales, generations-old families, and a rich historical background.

In big cities, you would expect nightclubs and bars galore, with a vibrant nightlife scene that rocked until the wee hours. However, Bristol is peaceful in comparison. This is the Southern city you would come to for quiet, with a more personal, close-knit vibe that encompasses the whole town. Sure, there are a few bars, but last call is usually around 2 a.m. and the dance floors are accompanied by, more often than not, old-fashioned, quarter-powered jukeboxes.

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How to Take an Epic Ski Trip on a Tight Budget

Great skiing will never be cheap, but it can be very affordable. If you're on a tight budget but still itching to hit the slopes this winter, don't fret; this guide will show you how to take an epic ski trip without breaking the bank.

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Discover the Best Hotels in Clearwater, Florida and Fun Attractions

Clearwater, Florida is a favorite vacation destination for families, couples, and even solo travelers.  It's also frequently ranked in the top five beaches in Florida and is one of the best beaches in the world. Located on a picturesque barrier island across the Intracoastal Waterway from downtown Clearwater, the city certainly won't disappoint with it's famous nearly 3-mile white sand beach and crystal-clear water.  Whether you choose to fly into St Pete-Clearwater International Airport or the Tampa International Airport,  drive, or perhaps arrive via boat, Clearwater has much to offer visitors. 

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Abilene Hotels, Arts, Festivals, and Rich History—Everything That Makes Abilene Amazing!

Abilene, Texas has garnered a reputation as a reliable base for military troops, both waiting to ship out and in limbo between combat and home. Utilized by both the United States Army and the United States Air Force, this town is proud of their veterans and active military members.

Citizens show this American pride with festivals, days of appreciation, town-wide discounts, parades, and museum exhibits of Army histories. But that’s not all that Abilene is known for.

This Texas town is a fun, family-friendly place to go for zoos, an awesome arts scene, and a handful of well-kept, lush-green parks.

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Six Smart Travel Tips to Keep Credit Cards Safe 

Traveling lets you see the world. It allows you to meet interesting people and connect with cultures you may have never encountered otherwise. But before you book your flight and head off on your adventure, you need to take steps to protect your finances. Here are six smart ways to protect yourself and your money while on vacation.


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The Best Hotels in Rutland, Vermont and Fun Things to Do

When you think of Vermont, you probably recreate mental images of snowy alpine mountains, nature-made maple syrup, and huge pine trees. This image is half Rutland, a beautiful city with an abundance of mountains, natural beauties, and informative museums that cover history, both worldwide and local, and arts.

Rutland goes through seasons, like anywhere else, so the slopes aren’t always covered in snow. Sometimes they give way to flower-filled valleys and dense, lush forests, complete with cliffs, canyons, and abundant wildlife. Rutland is THE town to explore if you love the outdoors.

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