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Six Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

shutterstock_1401822899Traveling alone can be a daunting prospect because it brings a lot of challenges that are often easier to overcome when you're with another person. It's intimidating having to go it alone without the comfort of another human being to help you through the awkward moments that traveling presents.
But where there are challenges, there are opportunities. Here are six reasons you should travel alone at least once.
Solo travel arguably offers the most opportunities for you to enjoy a unique travel experience and grow as a person.

More Freedom 

shutterstock_654740791As much as the company of other people is helpful when you travel with a friend, family, or your partner, you are usually constrained by what they want to do. Solo travel gives you a precious commodity - freedom.


When you travel on your own, you make every single decision. You get to do precisely the activities you want to  do. Better still, if you don't like a place, you can leave and move on to somewhere else. Or if you fall in love with a city, you can stay there for your entire trip. The choice is all yours with solo travel.


Increased Self-confidence

Deciding to travel somewhere on your own is a courageous choice. Observe the reactions of the people closest to you to see this in action. You'll often find that they'll react with surprise and wonder, telling you they'd never be able to do something like traveling alone.
shutterstock_548284930Solo travel gives you a massive boost in self-confidence. When you can do something that most people closest to you wouldn't dare to try, you'll feel like you're on top of the world.
Furthermore, each little challenge you overcome while you're out there on your own increases your self-confidence. Ordered a meal successfully using an unfamiliar language? Great. Managed to navigate around a new city without getting lost?  Brilliant.  Solo travel has the advantage of reminding you that whatever challenges life throws at you, you'll handle them.


Make New Friends

shutterstock_686809288There's no guarantee everyone will make lots of friends when they travel alone because some people are naturally more introverted than others. But solo travel does offer an unparalleled opportunity to meet new people. 
When you travel with family, friends, or partners, you're less inclined to meet new friends because you get enough companionship from the people you go with. When you travel alone, you're faced with two choices. You can stay alone or talk to other solo travelers.
Most solo travelers are receptive to meeting new people and you can quickly strike up a conversation by asking people where they've been or what they think of the place you're in.
New friendships on the road tend to be more intense than your friendships at home. You have a limited period to get to know people, so you'll often become very close to them in a short amount of time. Even if you never see these people again, you'll probably keep in touch on social media.



Time For Introspection 

shutterstock_1144635002In a world where people are always connected, traveling alone is a beautiful time for some introspection. It can be hard to switch off from the world at home, and the ability to do that while solo traveling is undervalued. You can sit and watch the sun go down on the beach or go for a hike with no distractions at all.
Spending time with only your thoughts can be a powerful experience. You'll get to know yourself better, and you'll often be surprised at just how enjoyable it is to experience something new while on your own.


Learn New Things

shutterstock_607445183Traveling alone offers you the chance to learn many new things. First, you'll get to know yourself better. You might be surprised at what activities you end up enjoying. When you're on your own, you are more inclined to try new things such as cookery classes, meditation, hiking, and more. You might find your next passion in life.
Furthermore, you get to learn a wealth of information about the world. Since you'll be meeting new people from a host of different countries, you'll often learn intriguing information about different cultures and customs.
Increasing your knowledge of both yourself and the world around you is undoubtedly a good enough reason to try solo travel at least once.


Travel Cheaper

shutterstock_353314664Solo travel often works out a lot cheaper than traveling with others, which is great if you've got a limited budget. Your potential travel companions might find they value comfort more than you, and you'll consequently have to opt for more expensive accommodations.
When you're on your own, you can travel precisely to your budget.  Save money for other activities by choosing to sleep in a cheap hostel. Or you can eat from a street food stall instead of spending your cash on expensive restaurant food. You're in control of your finances, and you're spared the awkwardness of having to explain you don't want to do a specific activity because it's too expensive.
Now that you've learned why you should solo travel, the next stage is to book your travel with TravNow.  Yes, you'll be nervous if it's your first solo trip, but you'll eventually embrace the nerves and thoroughly enjoy what promises to be a life-changing experience. 
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