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The Best Hotels in West Palm Beach, Florida and Fun Things to Do

iStock-483614107.jpgOne of the oldest cities in the Miami areas, West Palm Beach is a popular travel hotspot for Florida visitors seeking fun, sun, and adventure. There are hundreds of things to do, sites to see, and places to explore. Plus, the restaurants are considered top-notch for their cultural fares that range from Southern, to seafood, to Italian, French, and more. West Palm Beach is a huge city in South Florida, and one of three main towns where summer beach-goers and spring breakers soak up the sunshine on an annual basis.

The Manatee Lagoon is a popular West Palm Beach destination. There are several buildings here, one for educational purposes with slides, pictures, and shows about manatees.  Other buildings offer observation decks to look over the sides and see these beautiful “sea cows” lounging in the waters. The souvenir shop is a must-stop, as their wide range of manatee-themed gifts are ideal for ocean and nature lovers. Keep in mind that these creatures come of their own accord, so you might not see any manatees if the weather or water is too cold. The waterfront views are gorgeous, either way.

iStock-488580536.jpgBesides the seashores of local beaches, travelers love to frolic through town to find fun stuff to do. The Palm Beach Zoo is a family-friendly favorite in West Palm Beach, with over 550 animals for visitors to see and admire. There are interactive animal experiences, informative shows, educational screens, and a splashy fountain zone for kids. The zoo is divided into habitat sections, such as rainforest and arctic.


In the same vein of animals, the Lion Country Safari is another fun family favorite. Lions, rhinos, giraffes, and other amazing animals roam free over numerous untamed acres. You can rent a drive-through safari to tour the grounds. Or, head outside of the gated landscapes for splash zones, concession stands, and small thrill rides.

Known for being accommodating and comfortable, West Palm Beach boasts dozens of excellent hotel and resort options


Each hotel is updated to modern perfection, and many of them offer beautiful ocean views. Four of the top-rated West Palm Beach hotels include the Holiday Inn Palm Beach, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Hotel Biba, and Hilton Garden Inn. For future reference, check back with TravNow for more information about West Palm Beach and other popular Florida cities.


The Holiday Inn Palm Beach

Young caucasian woman standing in art gallery front of  paintings.jpegThe Holiday Inn Palm Beach on Belvedere Road is a West Palm Beach favorite because of their polite, informed staff and comfortable, inexpensive accommodations. While prices rise in the summertime, the hotel strives to keep expenses reasonable throughout the year. Some of their features include a swimming pool, an on-site restaurant, lounge, and bar, a fitness center, free high-speed internet, and a banquet room for receptions and celebrations.


There are 199 rooms with several accommodations, such as a family-friendly suite with connected rooms. Or, a honeymoon suite with a spacious bath tub and balcony views over the city. Business professionals love this hotel because they can get work done in the business center, with internet access, multiple meeting rooms, and a few conference facilities.


For a heavy dose of culture, visit the Norton Museum of Art, located less than 2 miles from the Holiday Inn. There are a huge selection of artifacts and artworks with each exhibit from a different era. Local artists contribute their masterpieces to a rotation of local exhibits towards the front of the museum.


Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham

Voted number one in West Palm Beach, the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham on Lamberton Drive is a must-stay for guests that appreciate little luxuries with essential necessities. Perfect for everyone, from families, to business travelers, to singles, or honeymooners, this hotel offers the best in must-have accommodations and comfortable amenities to make your life a little easier while on vacation.


bigstock-fried-chicken-and-waffles-shot-68773021.jpgFor trip planners, the concierge service helps you map out and budget your entire vacation. While business professionals are offered meeting rooms and a business center with high-speed internet access.


Other features include a swimming pool, room service, an on-site gym with updated equipment, airport transportation and shuttle bus services, laundry services, activities for families through the summer, and daily free breakfast. The lobby offers complimentary wines, soft drinks, beers, and a wide selection of snacks three times per week.


Do yourself a favor:  during your visit, dine at Bay Bay’s Chicken & Waffles, located less than a mile from Hawthorn Suites. The waffles are homemade and delicious and the chicken is perfectly spiced, juicy, and crunchy. Throw on some maple syrup and you have a true, yummy southern classic.


Hotel Biba

Situated on Belvedere Road, Hotel Biba is a small, old-fashioned hotel with antiquated charms and modern accommodations. Considered a boutique hotel, the Biba consists of 44 rooms, each equipped with a spacious bathroom with clean towels and toiletries, comfy bed with plush pillows and warm blankets, and a kitchenette with counter space, a microwave, and mini fridge. There is also a custom air conditioning unit in each room, as well as take-out menus in the nightstand. The hotel serves up free breakfasts every morning.


In the mood for a stroll? Take the sidewalks to the waterfront promenade that connects to Downtown West Palm Beach. Long walks will show you restaurants, shops, attractions, artworks, and beautiful views. Check the promenade marina to learn the schedule of local performances, concerts, festivals, and celebrations.


Hilton Garden Inn

iStock-612838858.jpgLocated on Worthington Road, the Hilton Garden Inn is a short drive from Palm Beach International Airport. For this reason, this hotel is a favorite among business professionals and weekend travelers. The hotel offers a shuttle service with airport transportation, room service, and on-site restaurant, bar, and lounge and a self-serve laundry facility,


Also, there is a sparkling swimming pool, and an on-site fitness center. The rooms are bright and clean, with a small kitchenette, comfortable queen-size beds, and a pristine bathroom.


If you have time, catch a show at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts. Call ahead to learn about performances and live shows, like The Sound of Music or the famed Broadway Series.



Are you ready to spend time in West Palm Beach, exploring the city and all its wonderful offerings?  Book now.  Save now. TravNow!



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