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Welcome to the Main Event…TravNow vs. Expedia and Priceline!




Are you ready to watch TravNow™ take on the two biggest public Online Travel Agencies in the world in a three-round, head-to-head Hotel & Resort pricing Match, pitting Expedia and Priceline against TravNow™?  We thought so.


Ladies and gentlemen...LLLLLLET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!
In this corner, TravNow™, the reigning world champion in private membership, delivering not only the guaranteed lowest prices on over 1 million Hotels & Resorts, but a plethora of other awesome members-only benefits like Shopping, Concerts & Events, Dining, Grocery Coupons and more.

In the other corner, two of the top-ranked online travel agency heavy weights in the world . . . weighing in at a whopping $7.3 Billion in online advertising spend in 2018... Expedia & Priceline!

Are we afraid you say? NEVER - how could we be?
Not only does our technology get TravNow™ members the very best pricing, but, TravNow™ does all the heavy lifting so our members don’t have to shop a hundred websites to find the best price. That’s right, TravNow™ compares pricing right in the search results so our members don’t have to. Convenient? Transparent? Umm, YES!
On top of that, TravNow™ has a 110% Price Match Guarantee in our corner. That’s like having Mick in your corner if you were Rocky Balboa! What, what?


Ladies and gentlemen... we just heard the bell, so this three-round Hotel & Resort pricing match is ON!
Today we’ll be comparing head-to-head pricing on three typical Hotel and Resort trips that TravNow™ members book all the time right on our website. No fuss, no muss, just straight up blood and guts pricing comparisons! May the best pricing WIN!



2 Day Business Trip

City Visited: Dallas, TX

Arrival: August 12, 2019

Departure: August 14, 2019

Hotel or Resort: Magnolia Hotel Dallas Downtown



Expedia Price: $551.42 


Ex Pricing Picture - TravNow




Priceline Price: $551.43


TravNow - Magnolia Hotel - Priceline



TravNow™ Price: $432.45





And the Winner of Round 1 is... TravNow™,

with a Savings of $118.97!




3 Night Romantic Getaway

City Visited: New Orleans

Arrival: April 13, 2019

Departure: April 16, 2019

Hotel or Resort: Hilton New Orleans Riverside


Expedia Price: $1,216.29


TravNow - Hilton New Orleans Riverside - Expedia




Priceline Price: $1,223.20


TravNow - Hilton New Orleans Riverside - Priceline



TravNow™ Price: $923.50


TravNow - Hilton New Orleans Riverside - TravNow



And the Winner of Round 2 is...

TravNow™, with a Savings of $292.79




4 Night Family Vacation

City Visited: Orlando

Arrival: July 13, 2019

Departure: July 17, 2019

Hotel or Resort:



Expedia Price: $1,700.34

 TravNow - Disney Swan - Expedia Pricing




Priceline Price: $1,565.32


TravNow - Disney Swan - Priceline Pricing




TravNow™ Price: $1,285.29

 TravNow - Disney Swan - TravNow Pricing



And the Winner of Round is...

TravNow™, with a Savings of $280.04


Knockout V2


TravNow™ members save money on just about everything, everywhere.  We are your everyday travel & entertainment membership program, and we are so glad you’re a part of the family.  We SO look forward to helping you save money every single day with TravNow™.  We’re here for YOU!


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